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Terial Magic Spray 16oz

Terial Magic was created in 2012 out of the frustration of limp and fraying fabrics. Creator Terry McFeely found a solution with an organic natural compound that makes fabric more paper like, stable, but not too stiff to cut or sew. 

Terial Magic is a spray on fabric stabilizer that you spray to saturate for a firm, fray-free fabric that is perfect for raw edge art and sewing. Terial Magic was originally designed for 3D fabric art and art quilting; but soon became a favorite for machine embroidery, inkjet and laser printing on fabric, t-shirt quilting, electronic cutting, die cutting, and numerous other uses without the use of traditional stabilizers.

Now Terial Magic is also used in a lighter application (Terial Magic Spritzing) for quilt piecing and garment sewing. Lightly treated fabrics are the perfect texture and stability for more accurate cutting, stitching, hemming and pressing. It gives you manageability and control of your fabrics.


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