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Crayon Enthusiast?

Tana is our crayon art enthusiast. Opening a new box of crayons, with their own unique colorful fresh smell, quickly motivates her to begin work on her next project.

Tana has been coloring and drawing since 3 years of age. She started drawing her own artwork designs in 1986, through "designs by tana",  and began adding crayon techniques to quilt projects in 2005. Tana specializes in western and country designs related to childhood experiences or memories. She currently has over 600 artwork line drawings that she and her Color Team are currently converting to patterns, using her crayon techniques.

Each year Tana and her Color Team create a NEW Crayon project. If you don't see a pattern you're looking for, please contact her. She may already have it drawn or be glad to create it for you.

You may be a crayon enthusiast too, if you can you sit and color for hours, own every crayon color ever made, enjoy the peace and relaxation coloring brings your inner spirit, or you can't wait for the next color technique or new project. While it's not necessary to know how to draw or stay within the lines, a crayon enthusiast must be patient about the art.

What do you say we get started on adding some color to your projects?

Come on...Let's Color!



 817 887 9700

+817 680-7220

 904 N Crowley Rd. Suite D
      Crowley, TX 76036


Tana Mueller is a licensed fabric designer for The Blank Quilting Corp. She also creates applique quilt patterns and patterns for coloring on fabric